Here’s the box for the Smash Bros. GameCube controller bundle ⊟

Nothing earth-shattering, but it’s a cool-looking, big box for a cool bundle. If you come home with a box that big, you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Preorder it on Amazon for $100 to get the game, a controller, and the Wii U controller adapter (console not included).

Here’s where you can buy everything separately:

I still can’t believe the titles for these games never changed.

PREORDER Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, upcoming releases

Send me a Pokemon!

  • Bulbasaur:

    What is the first Pokemon game you ever owned?

  • Charmander:

    Who was your first Pokemon?

  • Squirtle:

    Which Pokemon do you think is the coolest?

  • Caterpie:

    What is the first Pokemon you ever caught?

  • Butterfree:

    What moment in the anime do you consider the saddest?

  • Pikachu:

    Who is your favourite Pokemon?

  • Raichu:

    Who is better, Pikachu, Pichu, or Raichu?

  • Ninetales:

    Which Pokemon do you think is the most beautiful?

  • Zubat:

    Which Pokemon do you find the most annoying?

  • Meowth:

    Which evil organization is your favourite?

  • Slowpoke:

    Which Pokemon do you think is the dumbest?

  • Eevee:

    What Eeveelution is your favourite?

  • Vaporeon:

    Who is your favourite first generation Pokemon?

  • Jolteon:

    Who is your favourite second generation Pokemon?

  • Flareon:

    Who is your favourite third generation Pokemon?

  • Espeon:

    Who is your favourite fourth generation Pokemon?

  • Umbreon:

    Who is your favourite fifth generation Pokemon?

  • Leafeon:

    What Eeveelution is your least favourite?

  • Glaceon:

    What Eeveelution type would you like to see in the future?

  • Mewtwo:

    Who is your most powerful Pokemon?

  • Mew:

    Who is your favourite legendary Pokemon?

  • Chikorita:

    Which is your favourite region?

  • Cyndaquil:

    Which is your least favourite region?

  • Totodile:

    Who is your favourite starter Pokemon?

  • Noctowl:

    What was your first shiny Pokemon?

  • Togetic:

    What Pokemon makes you the most happy?

  • Mareep:

    What is your favourite base form Pokemon?

  • Flaaffy:

    What is your favourite first evolution?

  • Ampharos:

    What is your favourite second evolution?

  • Wooper:

    What do you like more, battles or contests?

  • Smeargle:

    Have you ever drawn any Pokemon fanart?

  • Raikou:

    Who is your favourite character in the anime?

  • Entei:

    What is your dream team?

  • Suicune:

    Who is your least favourite character in the anime?

  • Celebi:

    If you could change anything in the anime, what would it be?

  • Treecko:

    Which female accomplice of Ash's do you like the least?

  • Torchic:

    Which female accomplice of Ash's do you like the most?

  • Mudkip:

    Which male accomplice of Ash's do you like the most?

  • Gardevoir:

    What Pokemon gives you the most feelings?

  • Azurill:

    What is your favourite baby Pokemon?

  • Delcatty:

    Do you prefer contests or musicals?

  • Plusle:

    What Pokemon do you find cutest?

  • Minun:

    Which electric rodent is your favourite?

  • Kecleon:

    Which shiny Pokemon is your favourite?

  • Luvdisc:

    Do you ship anything?

  • Latias:

    What Pokemon do you wish you could have in real life?

  • Latios:

    What Pokemon do you use in any of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games?

  • Kyogre:

    Who is your favourite Pokemon of each type?

  • Groudon:

    Who is your least favourite Pokemon of each type?

  • Rayquaza:

    What is your favourite weather condition?

  • Turtwig:

    Which Pokemon game is your favourite?

  • Chimchar:

    Which Pokemon game is your least favourite?

  • Piplup:

    Is there any games that you hope they will create a sequel to, or remake?

  • Pachirisu:

    What is your favourite thing about Pokemon?

  • Honchkrow:

    Is there any extra evolutions or baby Pokemon that have been added that you have found unnecessary?

  • Lucario:

    What Pokemon movie is your favourite?

  • Uxie:

    What is something you wish would be added to the games?

  • Mesprit:

    What is something you miss that used to be in the games?

  • Azelf:

    What side-game is your favourite?

  • Giratina:

    What makes you the most angry in Pokemon?

  • Darkrai:

    Have you ever dreamed of Pokemon? What was it about?

  • Shaymin:

    What is your happiest Pokemon memory?

  • Arceus:

    What Poke-religion do you consider yourself part of (eg. Mewist, Arceusian, Bellsprout monk, etc)?

  • Victini:

    What battle will you never forget, either in game or in the anime (or both)?

  • Snivy:

    Which are your top ten Pokemon?

  • Tepig:

    Which are your bottom ten Pokemon?

  • Oshawott:

    What Pokemon do you consider to be the least attractive?

  • Whimsicott:

    Do you own any Pokemon plushies? If so, which ones?

  • Zoroark:

    Would you be a Pokemon trainer, breeder, coordinator, etc? What would you look like?

  • Chandelure:

    What Pokemon do you find the creepiest?

  • Stunfisk:

    What Pokemon is your least favourite?

  • Mienshao:

    How do you approach Pokemon battles? Offensive? Defensive? Status conditions?

  • Volcarona:

    Which champion is your favourite?

  • Meloetta:

    What is your favourite Pokemon song from the anime/movies?

  • Genesect:

    Is there any Pokemon you would want to eliminate from the Pokedex, or anything you would want to change in the Pokedex?

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